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September 06 2012


Mobile Phone Tracking for Business

Many business establishments rely on accurate systems in running their daily operations. And for those who conduct businesses that are related to supply and delivery or any type that's location-based, fully fitted vehicle tracking has been of utmost importance. However, throughout the years, a more effective tracking system is now replacing this old and relatively expensive practice.

As many people might have already noticed, GPS (Global Positioning Systems) tracking through mobile phones are gaining in popularity for personal (family) use.

Business owners are just beginning to see the advantage of this low cost alternative that is proving to be both efficient and accurate. The reason for this shift is that mobile phone tracking brings with it a number of advantages for business managers and employees alike. 

With this new technology, capital or operational expenses can be reduced. Business owners will no longer need to spend on expensive, bulky or complicated tracking devices. More so, unnecessary expenses on installation and repairs, servicing and software updates can also be avoided. 

Second, it allows you to locate an employee or a delivery with ease. It is a full-proof system that can utilize GPS technology. Coordinates of the mobile phone bearer can be determined fast regardless of whether he is stationary or moving.

Some mobile phone tracking systems will even allow managers to access the information with their laptops or own mobile phones. This is made possible by uploading a mobile phone's position to a website or with the use of GPS receivers that are built-in already. This basically means that it can be used to get the information business owners need anytime and anywhere. 

The third reason why mobile phone tracking is becoming a more feasible alternative is its ease of set up. It only entails a simple download and is very user-friendly. In reality, most GPS tracking systems will run on mobile phones that employees already use.

This type of solution is particularly good for small to medium sized businesses that don't really have the need or budget for complicated systems. 

Fourth, mobile tracking software usually comes with other features. Users can also take advantage of their navigation capabilities when they are not familiar with their location.

This is also beneficial for emergency ‘lone worker’ type situations where your employee's might need assistance.

GPS-based phones can also help employees in locating relevant local searches in their area. Whether it's for a client or supplier search, it can be used to for whatever is needed. 
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This shift is definitely a welcome change in the advancement of technology for tracking systems. This software will make it possible to track employees in real time.

Managers can see exactly where they are while on the job, monitor a whole fleet of field staff or locate deliveries. It is precise, accurate and can be a tool that any business can take advantage of.

August 23 2012


My New Mobile – Which Android Smartphone?

Android it is then. 

This is the instalment of my quest to replace my old dead mobile phone. My name is Tom and if you haven’t read the previous instalments I have learned a little about apps and a little about mobile ‘operating systems’. 

After some online research and some discussions with knowledgeable ‘mobile types’ I have identified that I ‘need’ a smartphone and that the ‘Android’ operating system will best suit my current needs. So here I am then – at the stage where I need to identify a suitable Android smartphone that will not require a small mortgage or a degree in astro-physics to operate but will allow me join the smartphone revolution. 

One stipulation I have is that I want to be able to track a phone with my own mobile gps tracking phone – that may sound odd but I have discovered that within the wonderful world of apps that I can, as a parent track a phone belonging to my daughter and, as an employer also track phones that my employees use at work. 

Using price as my kind of litmus paper to how sophisticated a phone is I’ll start off by discarding the highest and lowest price models and take a look at the middle ground. Even though I’m not a phone buff I recognise the big brands such as Samsung, Sony and LG (mainly from TV’s etc. but never mind) and thing I will stick with something I know initially.

 I have been told that there are some very up and coming Chinese manufactures that offer great value but I don’t consider myself an ‘early adopter’ here – in fact probably the opposite based on my late entry into the smartphone arena! One thing I have found really useful online are product reviews and I can tell you that with something as popular and fast moving as smartphones there are no end of reviews available for any mobile you’d care to mention.
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July 31 2012


Track a Mobile phone

You’ll remember my last piece, ‘You can do What? Track a Mobile Phone?’  all about my quest for a new cell phone being derailed by my stumbling across mobile phone tracking ‘apps’ followed by my setting off to discover this new technological world?

 Having spent more time than I had intended browsing the world of ‘smart’ phones and the software programmes that run on them known as ‘apps’ I decided that I know enough to make a decision about replacing my mobile phone and ought to at least get this job out of the way before I continue on the ‘app trail’.

So – ‘smart phones’ then. As far as I can tell the key difference between a ‘smart’ and a ‘feature’ phone is that the former can run software programmes ‘in the background’.

In everyday language this means that you can make a phone call, or send a text or email at the same time as doing ‘something’ that you can’t see – like the apps that track the phone that originally piqued my interest being able to record mobile locations whilst you talk, text or email.

In the world of computers (and the females of our species) I believe this is known as ‘multi-tasking’ or doing two things at once.

First question then – do I have a need for a mobile phone that can multi-task? In answering my own question I have to ignore the literal meaning of ‘need’ and replace it with – ‘would it be useful to have’….and the answer is ‘yes’. Smartphone it is then. (Boys will be boys)

So not having gone any further with my perusing of the wonderful world of mobile phone applications I need to make sure that my list of ‘requirements’ can be filled by my choice of smartphone!

Voice (obviously)

Text (standard)


Family mobile tracking (track my teens location)

To Do List

News App


I also want to get tracker phones working within my business but understand that most of this kind of software is run on a PC – so the tracked mobiles are viewed on a PC. As I don’t actually want to track my own mobile have not included this in my list – I’ll deal with this at some stage later.


From my fairly short ‘beginners’ list of wants a good app for tracking my daughter’s phone looks to be the toughest one to achieve as the others all seem pretty standard on all smartphone platforms.


Most of the good phone tracking apps see to have versions to suit the IPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia smartphone models. The first one that came up when I Googled ‘family mobile tracking’ was something called ‘Kno-Where’ which is one of those that runs on different platforms and has good reviews etc. but there were many others that did the same so my choice really is down to the device itself.


Easy I thought. That is until I started to look into the whole smartphone thing. Even looking at it from a newbie’s comparatively simple perspective there’s a lot to consider apparently when you want to do anything more than make calls with your mobile.


I shall gather my findings together and try to describe the choices as simply as possible in my next in what appears to be developing into a ‘confessions of a smartphone virgin……





Gadgets – don’t we just love them? In a very short time I learned some basics about the wonderful world of smartphones:


Smartphone use ‘operating systems’ a bit like Microsofts ‘windows’ to make them work.


Mobile phone manufacturers build the operating system into their phones and it is a mixture of the device model and capabilities, quality and the operating system it uses that tends to determine ultimate phone model selection.


Google owns the ‘Android’ operating system that lots of manufacturers favour and is apparently the most popular operating system (O/S) – it has the widest range for phones that use it.


IOS is the ‘O/S’ used by Apple’s IPhone and IPad exclusively. Apparently Apple has the most ‘apps’ in its ‘app store’ (I feel like I’m writing in a foreign language) and apparently the devices themselves are really nice quality but also really expensive. Figures I guess?


Blackberry (which I had heard of through business as some of my guys have then) were apparently the first and best for emails and many businesses use them but are struggling with their popularity recently.


Nokia – my old phone was a Nokia and I loved it. Again apparently they are struggling and have two types of smartphone ‘O/S’. One is called Symbian and is being phased out so not of interest and the other uses Microsoft’s Windows Phone O/S but is quite new and can’t run anything in the background like the tracking apps. Looks like Nokia is out then.


My choice I think is between an Android (Google), Apples IPhone and a Blackberry. (Definitely seems like a foreign language…)


Having been into a few retailers and looked online it appears to me that

July 25 2012


The new universe of mobile tracking.

You can do what?


Track a mobile phone?


That’s right – I’ve been looking for a new mobile phone online recently – my current phone being at the end of its useful life (aka ‘broken’!) and I stumbled across some interesting phone tracking ‘apps’.

Now you must understand that never having owned a mobile phone that could do more than actually make a phone call before whilst I’ve heard of ‘apps’ and ‘app stores’ I’ve not really paid them much attention. Until now.


Having been quickly diverted from my original task of acquiring a working cell phone I decided to investigate these ‘apps’ just in case there’s something in them that might just sway my ultimate purchase phone choice.


With so much fuss being made about ‘apps’ (is that even a word?) I figured no smoke without fire and entered the world of the app via something called Google Play .


After my initial ‘kid in a sweet shop’ reaction to the pages of brightly coloured app images and descriptions  I soon tired of row upon row of what I can only describe as ‘completely pointless’ offerings.

In my mind an ‘app’ (other than actual games) would have to be useful – it has to ‘do’ something – making your mobile look like it has a cracked screen doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid.


I finally came across the phone tracking apps. First reaction was why would anyone want to track a mobile phone? After only a few seconds of ‘furrowed brow’ time - which is good for me- I got it (plus I read the mobile tracking app description which helped).


Initially I was sceptical as to how accurate the location of the mobile phone could be using these tiny pieces of software. However my concerns were quickly dispelled – apparently ‘very’ would be a good term to use – down to a few meters in fact.


Apparently the better apps (and as with all things in this world there appeared to be the good, the bad and the most decidedly ugly offerings available) use GPS tracking as per the ‘Sat Nav’ we all use in our car. Duly impressed I forged ahead with my new found discovery.


It would appear that phone tracking is particularly popular with parents of teenagers and businesses- and being both a parent and business owner I can now see why.


If I could see my daughters phone location when she’s out and about – especially at night, I would get cool points for not texting her to see where she was etc. and I get peace of mind into the bargain. Nice.


Equally at work by giving the guys in the field tracker phones (this is ‘industry speak’ for mobiles that have tracking apps running apparently) I get a view of my business that I’ve never had before – a ‘real’ one.

I still haven’t selected a phone for myself as I’m still ploughing through the various app categories to see if there’s anything else that could be as useful as the mobile tracking apps.

I’ll keep you posted!



July 24 2012


Best 10 apps in android world

There are ton of apps in the android world. But, handful of them is worth mentioning. I have selected top 10 android apps. These are just my personal favorites and I love to use them daily. So, without wasting any time, let’s check them out. 

1) Thinking space – Every human being is constantly bombarded by ideas and strategies. This mind map tool helps in connecting these ideas together. You can just dump your ideas using this app. The basic version is free and it’s more than enough for most of the think tanks out there. 

2) Androzip file manager - This utility is great to work with all the famous archives. It works with ZIP, RAR, TAR and 7ZIP. Very powerful app for those who use these type of archives on the go. 

3) Gtasks – This is a task manager by google and It gel very well with desktop version of gtask. Virtually, its “task manager “using the latest cloud technology. You can create your own to do list and manage them very well. 

4) Toddler Lock – If you got a toddler in your home, this is a great app. It simply locks the phone and turns it into a toy. Whenever a child touches the screen, the phone emits colorful shapes and sounds. Its favorite pastime of lot of toddlers and parents can have a bit of time for themselves. 

5) Gesture Search – You can use gestures to find any type of file. You only need to draw a particular number, letter on the screen and phone will start searching specific types of file. 

6) AntidroidTheft – If you lose your phone for any reason, this app can help you locate it. This got inbuilt GPS tracking and you can even trigger camera from remote. The app will take a pic and send it to you. It’s totally free and a must have app. 

7) Missed call - This helps in customizing your alerts. You can customize any type of alerts using ringtones, vibrations etc. 

8) Skyfire browser – This is the only browser which let you play flash files on your mobile. This is a must have browser to have on your mobile. It runs smoothly, page renders at lightning speed and overall, pretty easy to work with. 

9) Smartmeasure – This is a pretty cool app and it measures the distance between camera and object. It can also measure height of an object. You don’t need a ruler to do that, now. 

10) Picassa Tool pro – This app is from google and the best part about this app is its ease of use. It’s very easy to use and it lets you upload hundreds of pics in one go.

Hi, this is my first post

Hi, this is Tom and i am here to write about Mobile phones. I will be focussing on different type of mobile apps and services. I just love mobile phones and i think this pretty little device has changed everything around us. I just wonder what mobile phones will be able to accomplish in next 10 years. 

I also love cooking, golf and playing chess. I am big fan of apple, samsung and i think, both of these companies are doing remarkable job in mobile phone industry. Though, after the death of steve jobs, i wonder what will happen to apple? 

Probably, they wil loose their no. 1 position. Lets see what happens, but one thing is for sure, mobile phones will be ruling our lives for decades. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs and do come here for my posts :) 
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